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by Lewis Johnson

We are a young, progressive North Devon based architecture design studio which places focus on formulating a strong underpinning concept and narrative to arrive at a design which ultimately enhances one’s environment and therefore one’s life’.


by Lewis Johnson

As a youthful, smaller studio, our strength lies in our inclusive and personal approach. We see our Size as an attribute and we do not seek to grow substantially, but instead remain intimate, retaining the personal and manageable aspect which we feel to be engrained in our approach. Managing workload ensures the work is carried out to a level which we are proud of and resonates with our ethos.

To achieve simplicity, which is felt to be key in a successful, often physically busy home; subtracting the unnecessary adds value through rationalisation.
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to do great work we must work with great  people to do great work we must work with great  people



by Mr & Mrs Potter

"We would not hesitate in recommending Lewis as a Designer. He has been exceptional in designing the project we have in mind for our property. Over the last year he has guided us through the process every step of the way with his exceptional expertise, being polite and helpful. When we have been anxious about something, he puts our minds at ease and returns emails quickly and in detail, even during weekends and if he is away. Lewis is happy to visit us in person and is always very courteous and polite. A real professional who we have been very happy to work with and won't hesitate to work with him in the future."




Concept design

Once appointed, concept design involves the creative process of formulating the layout and appearance of the building. This begins with rough hand sketches and is ultimately presented as sketch floor plans and indicative sketch elevations. A massing model often accompanies this process to begin building a clearing vision of the proposals in a way in which clients can better visualise. This iterative process involved back-and-forth discussions to arrive at a solidified design.

Planning Aplications

Here, we formalise the preferred concept drawings into a package of information required to satisfy the local authority. This includes Existing & Proposed Plans, Sections & Elevations, as well as a Design & Access Statement as part of our role. Depending on the project, third-party consultant reports may be required and will also form the planning submission, such as Ecological Statements, Structural Reports, Drainage Strategies and/or Highways Details. LM Studio will source quotes, appoint, co-ordinate and submit the relevant information as part of a holistic service.


Effective  visualisation is an essential medium to allow both the clients and local authority to visualise the proposed scheme. Software allows for models to be formed and spaces experienced. In-house, we use modelling and visualisation software to guide the design process, and use external professional Visualisation firms in order to produce final, photo-realistic outputs as a way of illustrating the final proposal.

Building & Technical

Building Control drawings address the technical aspects of the building and show compliance with UK regulations. Technical/construction drawings takes building control drawings a step further and allows information sufficient to enable the building to be costed and built. We do not, however, provide building control/technical drawings for buildings which we have not designed by us from the outset. Our desire is to see projects through from start to finish.

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