The studio was established in 2018 following experience gained from several local practices. Delving into the niche of tailored contemporary family homes seeks to apply a deep-seated passion to better the built environment; one home at a time.

When you start building a house the process plays a fundamental role in shaping a succesfull outcome. That is why our mission is to ensure the best experience for our clients before and during the construction so that they can fall in love with their new house even before it is finished.

About Lewis

Graduating with a first class honours degree and going on to be awarded the Bristol Society of Architects Commendation and Deans Award for Academic Excellence, I have worked at Peregrine Mears Architects for a number of years focusing on high end residential projects, as well as wider masterplanning, while running a small design studio alongside. Following joining OCR Architecture as a Partner & Design Director, I later left to realise the potential of LM Studio.

to do great work we must work with great  people to do great work we must work with great  people



Our ethos is to deliver an experience as well as just a product; a service instead of simply an output, offering an injection of youthful creativity. Under-promising and over-delivering. Our belief is that each and every design is a result of, and response to, its context and setting and attempts to study local and wider vernacular in order to design in such a way that the building hints at a characterising typology.

This underpinning reference ensures that the scheme is appropriate, though it does not stifle innovation and/or a contemporary aesthetic. Instead, it blends a strong concept and narrative with an appearance which avoids the whims of fashion and speaks of its time and place, yet yearns for timelessness. Our houses have to remain rooted to their place, left out in the rain, as architecture is little without context.



Every building/site is approached independently, and while we do have a distinct style, we believe that every home is a direct response to two things:

1. The setting; context. The site and its surrounds.
2.The client, their family, and their way of life.

This way, every home is distinctly associated and tailored to the specific project, achieving a personal connection organised to suit living traits. This explorative and justifiable approach to design, rather than simply adhering to a ‘style' underpins and is subsequently a hallmark our work. The design strategy often comes from a personal consideration into how the spaces are lived in, moved through, and enjoyed in order to ensure every detail has been considered.

Self-building and the process of commissioning a new home from its inception is a personal endeavour, and we are mindful that creating a home is a journey; a life experience, and one which involves iteration to arrive at the final scheme. Therefore, a strong emphasis is placed on achieving a harmonious designer/client relationship.