Set within a small woodland clearing, this replacement home ensures every room is connected to nature.

Drawing Board
Lewis Johnson
January 29, 2021


The existing dwelling in rural North Devon, occupies the site has very little connection to the countryside context which wraps around it. Its small apertures and uninspiring appearance have lead to exploring its replacement. The extent of alterations required render utilising the existing shell unviable, and so demolition and replacement we decided to be the most efficient option. The brief was simple; to create a linear home which connects harmoniously with nature. The linear form creates a dual aspect from all rooms which takes advantage of both the morning and evening sunlight.


Our proposal depicts a linear ground floor, which is exaggerated by the horizontal white bricks which wrap the entrance storey. The upper floor breaks the linear focus somewhat and introduces 4 framed openings delineating the 4 double bedrooms above. Each frame is connected by a smaller, subservient volume which contains the en-suite bathrooms which have an equally strong connection to the tree-lined vista. Creating inverted frames which house the bedroom windows allows for some depth and relief to the fa├žade but dually provides an element of solar shading during the summer months to control overheating, a symptom often associated to homes with large areas of glass.

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