Courtyard Trio

The concept has derived from the characteristics of surrounding buildings, which have a wider reference back to rural building typologies.

Mr and Mrs Potter
Lake, Barnstaple
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In Progress
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Having been initially approach by an agent who saw an opportunity in the extended garden of the vendors property, LM Studio was commission to gain approval for 6 new detached dwellings split over 2 portions of land (3no units to the north of the host property and 3no. to the south). The purpose was to increase the value of the land as a result of the uplift planning permission brings, and sell both plots and the host property, overall increasing the value of their asset(s). The brief was little more than the above, therefore we were left to formulate the concept and design the homes to suit the site, as well as the wider market.



The result are two schemes which go beyond the usual ‘developer-led’ developments, something different and therefore hopefully desirable. A ‘standard’ house – that which is often referred to as those built by volume housebuilders was not appropriate in this rural location, however due to the lack of context, wider references were sought to ensure the homes are contextual and rooted to their location.



“We would not hesitate in recommending Lewis as a Designer. He has been exceptional in designing the project we have in mind for our property. Over the last year he has guided us through the process every step of the way with his exceptional expertise, being polite and helpful. When we have been anxious about something he puts our minds at ease and returns emails quickly and in detail, even during weekends and if he is away. Lewis is happy to visit us in person and is always very courteous and polite. A real professional who we have been very happy to work with and won't hesitate to work with him in the future. Mr and Mrs Potter, Barnstaple

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