services & process

by Lewis Johnson

I pride myself on my attention to detail, my ability to resonate with clients and their desires for the home and lifestyle, and my desire to undertake meaningful work. I am satisfied by doing great work, and to arrive at great work, we all must work with great people.
When you start building a house the process plays a fundamental role in shaping a succesfull outcome. That is why our mission is to ensure the best experience for our clients before and during the construction so that they can fall in love with their new house even before it is finished.


Concept design

Once appointed, concept design involves the creative process of formulating the layout and appearance of the building. This begins with rough hand sketches and is ultimately presented as sketch floor plans and indicative sketch elevations. A massing model often accompanies this process to begin building a clearing vision of the proposals in a way in which clients can better visualise. This iterative process involved back-and-forth discussions to arrive at a solidified design.

Planning Applications

Here, we formalise the preferred concept drawings into a package of information required to satisfy the local authority. This includes Existing & Proposed Plans, Sections & Elevations, as well as a Design & Access Statement as part of our role. Depending on the project, external reports may be required and will also form the planning submission, such as Ecological Statements, Structural Reports, Drainage Strategies and/or Highways Details. LM Studio source quotes, appoint, co-ordinate and submit the relevant information as part of a holistic service.


Effective  visualisation is an essential medium to allow both the clients and local authority to visualise the proposed scheme. Software allows for models to be formed and spaces experienced. In house, we use modelling and visualisation software to guide the design process, and use external professional Visualisation firms in order to produce final, photo-realistic outputs as a way of illustrating the final proposal.

Building Control & Technical Design

Building Control drawings address the technical aspects of the building and show compliance with UK regulations. Technical drawings takes this a step further and allows information sufficient to enable the building to be costed and built - see ‘Process’ below, for more details. We do not, however, provide building control/technical drawings for buildings which we have not designed from the outset. Our desire is to see projects through from start to finish, and not pick up projects half-way through.

to do great work we must work with great  people to do great work we must work with great  people



Brief Process

Often, part of the reason design is not prioritised or it is felt as though it is not worth investing in is that clients are unfamiliar with the design process. Education into the sequencing and outputs for each stage hopes to make you more aware of the process and aims to illustrate the importance of investment into design.

Inception & Feasibility

Once appointed, you will be issued with a client welcome pack which consists of: A Project Vision Statement & Budget Guidance Document.
The above begins your engagement into the process and offers a more in-depth look into what you can expect from working with us. The Project Vision Statement attempts to tease out your likes and dislikes and builds a better picture of what you value. It provokes thought on a macro level which instigates consideration into things you may not have considered as a way to inform us ahead of the concept design process.

Concept design

Ahead of putting pen to paper, a detailed contextual analysis will be undertaken in order to explore a concept; a guiding principle which helps to relate the building to its setting, whether this is through materiality, form, historical value, or similar.

From the above, we are able to begin sketch ideas and concept designs for the home which explores both the internal layout and spatial relationships, but also insights into the external aesthetics, form and massing.

This is presented in the form of an Opportunities & Constraints Document (O&C); a bound presentation document which illustrates the research and analysis which has led to 3 concept ideas. These 3 ideas provide you with several options to offer diversity as there is never simply one resolution to a design problem/ambition. It is often the case that the developed idea moving forward is an amalgamation of the 3 ideas, carrying forward suggestions which are successful and discarding those which are not felt to be important. The output is a final sketch proposal which will be formally drawn up as part of the following stage.

Developed Design

Refined concept sketches will not be formalised into a planning package which will contain all of the relevant drawings which address scale, height, massing, materiality, openings etc. alongside the relevant supporting reports and statements. This package will be submitted to the local planning authority to seek planning approval. Prior consultation between the local authority as part of the concept stage is often advised to engage and present proposal ahead of a formal submission to reduce risk.

Building Control

Building control is the second approval which will be required from the local planning authority once planning is granted. It takes the illustrative planning drawings, and adds detail addressing the construction method of the building, such as wall, floor and roof construction types and build-ups, insulation/U-values, waterproofing and structural integrity. It illustrates how the building will comply with the Building Regulations and acts as a base set of technical drawings for the Technical Design stage

Technical Design

The set of building control drawings noted above will then be enhanced to include specifications and key junction details, electrical layouts, room elevations and joinery/furniture details which will be used to price the building. Our role includes arranging, meeting with and collating information from suppliers and manufacturers for a holistic coordinated drawing package